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"Believe in yourself!"

Today I thought I'l write on the one of nature's law that is "Law Of Attraction"I dont know how many of you have read or heard of the book "The Secet" by Rhonda Bryne which explains it all.But do we all believe in law of gravity?...Isnt it that whether its Swami Vivekanada or Osama Bin Laden ..both of them will die if they jump form the world trade centre.Law of gravity does not discriminate between people or objects,likewise law of attraction does not discriminate whether you believe or do not believe in that law.The sooner you believe the faster you progress.It states that whatever you believe wholeheartedly ..the universe will conspire you to achieve it.Because over here thought makes things.
Scientists says that around 60,000 thoughts run in our mind each and every day,out of which 91% of the thoughts what you thought today you would have thought the previous day.You are here today because you have thought of this some years back.You are the magnet.If you think positive you attract positive.Everything is formed with the images you hold in your mind.

for eg:Im so sure during school days,when we know we are getting late to school..that time only in the morning we'l find a book of our going missing,that time only we'l spill milk on us, and by the time we get get into the bus..aargh traffic on the road!!..hasnt it happened to us many times?..why do u think so?..Its because rather on focusing on ""I should reach school on time".,our thoughts generate feelings that"I dont think I'l reach school on time"..and that only gets manifested.Take another example...all of us would have sat for exams...havent it occurred that when we see the question paper,we'l see a question which we have forgotten or left it to study..and that only comes in the paper.!!..but many of us which felt this question is important,that question also surely comes!..So rather than focusing on what you dont want in life start focusing on what you want.

Ultimately you are the creator of you destiny.With this"law of Attraction" in your hands,you can actually live each and every moment to the fullest,and SUCCESS WILL BE ALL YOURS!.


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No doubt we have created a history!

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That makes our life a complete journey.
It’s our vision to reality,
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