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Toppings of a Pudding

While I carefully stirred the milk boiling over the flame, my mind wandered. I pondered as to what I could learn from a caramel pudding.
I noticed the small lumps eventually being formed as I added the remaining ingredients and gently lowered the flame. Now pouring the hot contents into a bowl laced in black caramel and as it cooled, I smiled for in it was a lesson.

I realized the ingredients had to be added in its right proportion i.e in life there can be many priorities but only few can we choose which enable us to hit our goals. The lumps referred to the various problems one encounters, the stirring of the mixture shows how a person shares his experience with others and learns from his mistake. The cooling of the mixture is where he masters over time….patience.

As my family happily relished the pudding, came forth my questions. Is our life made beautiful because we set the right priority or is it after climbing the mountain we realize it was a merely a walk or do our lives become sweet by having a luck of caramel?!!

In the end, whether those ingredients represent your hidden talents or the lumps ,the hurdles, the world will look only at your ‘achievements’…your pudding!!:)


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  2. Nice one Ma'am ...... A very creative and mouth watering blog... !!! We can even analyze such things while cooking.... I really didn't know that!!!

  3. Hey sis..make for me starving here! :-P

  4. "Is our life made beautiful because we set the right priority or is it after climbing the mountain we realize it was a merely a walk or do our lives become sweet by having a luck of caramel?!!"

    I think it has got more to do with the luck factor. I believe every event happening in the life of any living creature on this planet is probabilistic. There is an element of uncertainty in every walk of life. If we ponder long enough, we find that we hardly have control over the results our actions will produce, sometimes even our own actions are uncontrollable and unpredictable.

    Enter: Making the right choice and climbing the mountain.

    Its all about the balance that we maintain in life. Life is like huge transparent rubber balloon and you are trapped inside it. Your view of the outside world is restrained on the reflectivity index of the material of the balloon (: P ). This view of life exemplifies the need for maintaining the balance and making the right choice at each step, learning from your mistakes and keeping yourself upright inside the balloon.

    I conclude by emphasizing on the combined formula of luck, chance and level-headedness as ingredients for a tasty pudding.


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