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To achieve the impossible..Learn from the hummingbird!

I’m back to the spirit of blogging with a change in my background template! :)It’s the little humming bird picture beside which caught my eye and drew me to select this background and I cant resist myself from mentioning about this beautiful, fascinating, engineering marvels.Did u know that Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards, forwards, up, down, sideways or even sit in empty space? Did u know that these tiny birds are called the “flying jewels” in Spanish and in Portuguese Beija-flor or Flower-kisser and their astonishing quality of hummingbirds is their ability to broadcast color radiate like hot coals in the sun & in their nonstop quest for fuel, Hummingbirds may visit 1,000 flower per day..And they have the fastest wing beats of all the birds!!Ha-ha…neither did I know all of these...but what interest me is that scientists say that its practically impossible for this little bird to beat its wings so fast!.Its seems these feathered acrobats travel at a speed o…